We would like to take the opportunity to remind patients of the importance of respecting yourself and partners (current and future ☺️) and maintain safe sex practices.

What is an STI?
An STI refers to a sexually transmitted infection which you can contract following an form of sexual activity from another person. Some STI’s can go undetected in the absence of any noticeable symptoms however can go on to cause irreparable damage to your reproductive organs – having a disastrous impact on any future plans of a family.

What are they?
* Chlamydia is the most common STI frequently diagnosed
*Gonorrhoea 18,588 cases diagnosed in Australia
* Syphilis cases have tripled
*HIV 25,313 people living with the disease in Australia. A 27% increase in gay and bisexual men.
*Hepatitis C had remained stable in 2012 to 2015 period
* Hepatitis B is declining in the younger age groups.

We cannot emphasise enough the necessity for safe sex practices. Contraception will ONLY protect woman from unplanned pregnancy.

Look after yourself and the ones you love. Use condoms EVERY time to stop the continued increase and spread of these sexually transmitted infections.

If you are concerned about possibly having an STI please arrange an appointment with one of our friendly, experience and knowledgeable doctors here at Thornlie Square Medical Centre on 08 6336 7077 or online with Health Engine.

Thank you and Happy valentines Day 💘🌸